Installation Art

Elementary art students worked together to create installation art using everyday materials and displayed them on campus. PowerPoint: Installation Art Art Display Sign: Installation Art Sign Safety Pledge: Hot Glue Pledge Supplies: Whatever extra stuff you have crowding your cabinets! For our art program, I needed to do two things: 1) Fill in the weird schedule gap caused…

Hybrid Animals

Using photo references, fourth graders practiced observational drawing by combining characteristics of two different animals to create a hybrid. Supplies: Pencils, erasers Photo references of animals Sets of 24 colored pencils 9″ x 12″ drawing paper Downloadable PowerPoint: Hybrid Animals I wrote my hybrid animal lesson plan the first year I was teaching. I had middle school…

Color Theory Branches

Students in third and fourth grade classes worked collaboratively to paint branches using analogous and complementary color schemes. Supplies: Tempera paint Big and small brushes 6 or more branches Dental floss Binder clips or small metal hook Downloadable Sign: Color Theory Downloadable PowerPoint: Collaborative Branches Every quarter I get to collaborate with the Music and…

Watercolor Animals

Create abstract and realistic watercolor animals using a variety of painting techniques.

Animal Containers

Create a cup or bowl using coil-building, then attach animal features. Functional and unique!