Whether you teach 500 students a week, hold private art lessons in your personal studio or want to create art with your kids on a Sunday afternoon – Artful Squid has art project ideas for you!


I write articles about art projects I’ve done with my students. They feature photos of student artwork, PowerPoints that I created, step by step instructions and lists of supplies. There are links to the video demonstrations I create on the Artful Squid YouTube channel to use in my classroom. These videos are great to watch before starting a project with a large group or just one kid can follow along while they create their own artwork.

Some of my favorite projects use mixed media – I love introducing new techniques and inspiring my students with the work of a famous artist. Check out Miro Creatures, where we drew creatures on a background that was created using bleeding tissue paper.

One of my passions as an art educator is inspiring my students to create artwork that communicates their own ideas. I love doing Independent Projects – where my students choose their own subject and medium to create artwork using the techniques we have learned.

Art provides a unique opportunity for people to problem-solve together. I love orchestrating collaborative art projects that allow my students to learn about making art and working as a team.

As art educators, we juggle so much more than paintbrushes and markers! I love fine-tuning my classroom management and organization. Sometimes, a small change to our routine can make a huge difference in my students’ behavior and learning. Read about how I use Creative Thinking at the end of class.Artful Squid is a resource for art educators who wish they had eight more arms.

I have taught elementary, middle school and high school. I love each age group’s unique perspective and way of approaching art. As an art teacher, I often rely on my online community of art educators for inspiration and ideas. After eight years of teaching art, I decided to begin documenting my experiences in the art room.


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