Warm and Cool Shapes

After cutting and gluing organic and geometric shapes, elementary art students use warm or cool colored markers to fill the background of their artwork with lines. Art Lesson Videos: Warm and Cool Shapes, Part 1 & Warm and Cool Shapes, Part 2 PowerPoint: Warm and Cool Shapes Supplies: 9″ x 12″ white paper Sets of warm and cool…

Shape Robots

  To create a collage robot, third grade students cut out and glued down overlapping organic and geometric shapes. Supplies: Glue Sticks Scissors (mix of small and larger sizes) Construction Paper Pencils, erasers Downloadable PowerPoint: Shape Robots One of the challenges of teaching elementary art is learning to think like a kid again. What is fun?…

Embracing Chance with Circle Art

A collaborative art project that revolves around the element of chance – second graders worked with their table to create sculptures using colorful paper scraps they chose randomly. Supplies: Long scraps of construction paper Cardboard Paint Art Paste Downloadable PowerPoint: 2nd Circle Sculptures My original inspiration for this project was to use up paper scraps. I saw…

The Stunning Simplicity of Notans

Fourth grade art students created notans by cutting shapes out and flipping them to create symmetry. Supplies: Small construction paper to cut out of (I use 9″ x 9″) Large paper to glue onto (I use 18″ x 18″) Scissors Glue sticks Downloadable PowerPoint: Notan I was unsure about doing a notan project with 4th graders….

Paper Challenge

High school art students were challenged to created a piece of artwork using only paper and adhesive.

Abstract or Realistic?

Abstract or Realistic? A student-led approach to teaching the element of Space. Students chose between creating a drawing using perspective or a notan using positive and negative space.