Installation Art

Elementary art students worked together to create installation art using everyday materials and displayed them on campus. PowerPoint: Installation Art Art Display Sign: Installation Art Sign Safety Pledge: Hot Glue Pledge Supplies: Whatever extra stuff you have crowding your cabinets! For our art program, I needed to do two things: 1) Fill in the weird schedule gap caused…

Bold Wax Resists

Wax resists are a great way to end the quarter! Each student created an abstract or realistic drawing, colored a thick waxy layer with crayon, crumpled it and painted it with india ink. Art Lesson Videos: Wax Resist, Part 1 & Wax Resist, Part 2 Supply Set-up Video: Ink Set-up PowerPoint: Bold Wax Resists Supplies: 9″ x…

Kandinsky Circles

A collaborative art project for 2nd graders – students painted circles inspired by Kandinsky’s artwork. Supplies: Colorful poster board, 12″ x 12″ Tempera paint Paintbrushes For Hanging: Staple gun Staple Remover (This kind of staple remover has saved me so much time and frustration!) PowerPoint: Kandinsky Circle My goal last year was to display one collaborative piece of…

Independent Projects

At the end of the quarter, fourth grade art students created Independent Projects by choosing their subject and medium. Supplies: Markers Colored Pencils Crayons Watercolors Construction paper and glue Printmaking supplies Yarn Poster board Drawing paper PowerPoint: Independent Project For whatever weird scheduling reason, the third quarter is a little longer than the others. I decided…

Eagle Challenge

High school art students created their interpretation of an eagle to display at a concert.

Paper Challenge

High school art students were challenged to created a piece of artwork using only paper and adhesive.

Abstract or Realistic?

Abstract or Realistic? A student-led approach to teaching the element of Space. Students chose between creating a drawing using perspective or a notan using positive and negative space.

Independent Projects, Part 2

Independent Projects – a great way to encourage high school art students to think creatively and pursue their own projects.

Independent Projects

Independent Projects – Having a day for students to design their own projects gives them freedom and encourages them to complete their artwork.