Art 1 Projects

Semester 1: Elements of Art

This website and this handout are helpful if you are looking for concise definitions and examples of each of the Elements.

Line & Shape 3

Pattern and Collage (Line and Shape): White drawing paper, black felt tip pens, magazines, glue sticks


Color&Value 3

 Oil Pastel Letters and Shapes (Color and Value): Old file folders, white drawing paper, oil pastels, Q-tips, rulers and compasses



Colored Pencil Posters (Texture): Colored pencil, baby oil, 12″ x 18″ drawing paper OR Safe City contest boards, Q-tips



Styrofoam Cup Sculptures (Form): X-acto knives, styrofoam cups


Space 6

Surreal Perspective Paintings (Space): Heavy duty poster board or canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, perspective handouts

Semester 2: Principles of Design

This website has terrific visual explanations for each of The Principles of Design.


Layered Cut Paper (Balance and Movement): 9″ x 12″ construction paper, X-acto knives



Metallic Mandalas (Emphasis and Proportion): 9″ x 9″ black paper, metallic colored pencils, circle graph paper



Printmaking and Button Fundraiser (Contrast): Button maker and parts, linoleum, carving tools, squares of paper, brayers, block printing ink, spray bottles


Artist Trading Cards are the perfect way to end the year and focus on Unity and Variety.

Artist Trading Cards (Unity and Variety): 2.5″ x 3.5″ cards, drawing, printmaking, painting, and collage materials

To wrap up the year, I partnered with another art teacher at our school. We showed our classes examples of artist trading cards and discussed how the sets of cards had Unity and Variety. Students were able to choose from all of the supplies we had used through out the year. At the end of the project, we brought our classes together and facilitated a card exchange.