Monster Sculptures

Third grade art students created three dimensional monsters by painting their design onto a cardboard tube, then hot gluing “extras” onto their artwork. Supplies: Toilet paper tubes Sharpie Tempera paint Brushes Hot glue “Extras” like googly eyes, gemstones, pom poms, feathers, colorful wire I like to finish the quarter with a project that introduces my…

Klee-inspired Watercolor Crayons

Inspired by Paul Klee’s artwork, second grade students used watercolor crayons to create artwork with geometric shapes. Supplies: Light poster board Rulers Assorted circular lids for tracing Watercolor crayons Paint brushes Cups Downloadable PowerPoint:┬áKlee Watercolor Crayons This quarter I have the 2nd graders that I had at the beginning of the year. I have been…

The Magic of Wax Resist

Inspired by James Rizzi, fourth grade art students drew landscapes or cityscapes in crayon, then painted their art with watercolors to create a wax resist. Supplies: Poster board (I used light weight) Crayons Watercolor paints Cups Brushes Downloadable PowerPoint: Wax Resist Scapes I love love love the first painting project with a class! For 4th…

Encourage Creativity with Hand-prints

Teaching creativity is almost an oxymoron. How can you teach something that inherently has to come from within another person? My goal this year has been to encourage creativity by presenting projects that are open-ended and allowing students to take their artwork in a new direction.

Eagle Challenge

High school art students created their interpretation of an eagle to display at a concert.

Paper Challenge

High school art students were challenged to created a piece of artwork using only paper and adhesive.


High school art students created small figurines out of clay using hand-building techniques.

Independent Projects, Part 2

Independent Projects – a great way to encourage high school art students to think creatively and pursue their own projects.

Independent Projects

Independent Projects – Having a day for students to design their own projects gives them freedom and encourages them to complete their artwork.