Free Computer Timer and Alarm Clock

The worst art teacher feeling in the world is looking at the clock while your students are painting and realizing that they leave in 3 minutes! I have tried multiple alarm solutions to avoid that stomach-sinking feeling. For a year, I had alarms set on my phone. It was better than nothing, but sometimes the…

Organize Artwork using Art History

 Elementary students learn about and connect with the artists their tables are named after. Downloadable PowerPoints: Table Artists 2015 & Table Artists 2016 Supply Box Printables: Table Artist Images & Table Artist Names   I only have my students for 28 class periods, which makes me want to fit art history into every facet of our classroom routines. I discovered a…

Eagle Challenge

High school art students created their interpretation of an eagle to display at a concert.

Paper Challenge

High school art students were challenged to created a piece of artwork using only paper and adhesive.

Functional Clay

High school art students created functional artwork out of clay. They chose between throwing on the wheel or hand-building.


High school art students created small figurines out of clay using hand-building techniques.

Abstract or Realistic?

Abstract or Realistic? A student-led approach to teaching the element of Space. Students chose between creating a drawing using perspective or a notan using positive and negative space.

Safe City Winner

One of my students won second place for the Safe City contest at our high school. Safe City is a contest that several different districts in our area participate in. Each school puts together a team of teachers and administrators to choose a first, second, and third place winner. My students could choose to work…

Watercolor Animals

Create abstract and realistic watercolor animals using a variety of painting techniques.

Animal Containers

Create a cup or bowl using coil-building, then attach animal features. Functional and unique!